Mild Steel Plate Leasing

As an ISO 9001 & ISO 18001 accredited company, we have established a wide network of supply sources and customers in the major markets, boasting a sterling track record and earning positive accolades from numerous companies. With decades of involvement in this trade, we are one of the largest steel plate leasing company in Singapore with a huge inventory of steel products.

We offer steel solutions to various industries for use in ground protection, access and platform stabilization, earth retaining system as well as in load testing.

Mild steel plates available for hire

Metric units: 7.85 kg/mm.m2 – 0.7293 kg/mm.ft2
Width x length Thickness Weight Weight / piece
5 ft x 20 ft 25 mm 18.23 kg/ft2 1,823 kg
5 ft x 10 ft 25 mm 18.23 kg/ft2 911.5 kg
4 ft x 8 ft 25 mm 18.23 kg/ft2 583.36 kg
4 ft x 8 ft 18 mm 13.13 kg/ft2 420.16 kg
4 ft x 8 ft 16 mm 11.67 kg/ft2 373.44 kg